Isabelle's Chihuahua Chronicles

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sorry for the long absence, but get ready... I'm getting ready for a big blog!!! I got lots of news!



Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hi All! Today my mommy has a comp day, she had one yesterday too. She said she got them because she worked all night Friday night and Saturday night. Whatever! All I know is when she works all night it just means that she's on her laptop all night long and Sammy and I get to sleep. She even gave us pig's ears cause Sammy kept crawling on her trying to drink her coffee. I know! I was surprised when she was drinking coffee at midnight! But again I didn't care so much cause I got a pig's ear!
Saturday afternoon mommy and "Tall Guy" took Sammy and I for a walk. This was Sammy's first walk since his surgery, he was very excited. He was also sporting his new summer "do"! I was excited too! I love to go walking, I love it when I see dogs and small children and I can bark at them! I walk very fast for a little girl. "Tall Guy" said I run like a bunny!!!! Bunny my butt! I don't run like a bunny! Sammy stopped to poo at least twice! Maybe even three times, keep in mind he had already poo'ed in the morning! That boy can poo! Mommy got to pick it up! Sometime's she even got to carry the poo bags for awhile. "Tall Guy" seemed to like to take her picture while she was picking up poo. I was able to produce a little poo myself. I think that picture is of my poo, plus a bag of Sammy's poo. My mommy is lucky to have us so she can pick up our poo! They are saving it in big cans along the walking path. Towards the end of the trail, Sammy got tired and layed down... "Tall Guy" carried him for awhile, then mommy carried him. Mommy and "Tall Guy" carried me some too, but I only weighs 6lbs, Sammy weighs 36lbs! Mommy wanted some exercise, I guess you get what you ask for!
I think I heard "Tall Guy" say that she was trying to kill him again! I don't understand! Why would my mommy do that! They went for a bike ride on Sunday and when they came back that's
all I heard about! Sammy and I were there waiting for some attention, but all we heard about was how Mommy was trying to kill him! I don't know what the big deal is about "hill after hill" , "but it was only 18 mile" or "but it was 18 miles of hills"! I don't know, but they are both alive so I say pooy! I don't want to hear about stuff like that! When Mommy and "Tall Guy" are home, they should be giving their undivided attention to ME AND SAM! Well, my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Norm are in their car headed this way. They live in Minneapolis, MN and they will be here sometime tomorrow! Sam and I are excited! Especially Sammy! It's not fair, Sammy can do no wrong in my Aunt T's eyes, but I get disipline! But I'm quick, so she will have to catch me for disipline! HA HA HA
Lick, Lick, Lick! Isa

Monday, April 24, 2006

mommy's lazy!

Good Grief! My mommy is sooo lazy! She hasn't helped me get online for weeks! RRRRRR! I have so much to talk about!
First, my friend Bristow needs help! He's been plotting to make his great escape from his back yard. He tried digging, but his daddy blocked his efforts. Now he's thinking about catapulting out... I found this, I thought it might help !
Now I want everyone to see Charlie he's really cute, not as cute as Sammy though! "Tall Guy" belongs to him! Mommy said he had never had a pig's ear!!! Isn't that some kind of abuse! Sammy and I graciously gave up one our pig's ears so that Charlie could know the blissful joy of chewing on a pig's ear!

Oh and now, I think I've seen it all! Yesterday Sammy was pooping and he had a turd stuck to his butt and it just didn't want to release... Mommy went over to him and shook his butt and the turd fell to the ground! I thought that was soooo funny!
I think Mommy might be trying to kill "tall guy" on the bike... or at least that's what I hear him say. I think Mommy is nicer than that, but "tall guy" seems to think she's going to kill. He says she wants to ride too far... I don't know what too far is. All I know is he bought a big horn to put on his bike so he could honk at her! Mommy is going to put a cart on his bike and make him pull Sammy, I'm going to ride with Mommy in my pouch! I don't think he has agreed to this yet, we'll see. I guess he has to survive the 38 mile ride she has planned first. hee hee hee!
Last weekend Mommy and "tall guy" went to a party... Sam and I didn't get to go. NOT FAIR! Maybe if I had a fancy dress I could of gone, I think I would look cute in a fancy dress and high heels. Sammy and I could of gone and eaten the appetizers. I don't see anything wrong with that. None of the people there were eating them, they were afraid they might look like pigs, so they filled up before they got there! Sammy and I don't care, we would of eaten them anyway! "tall guy" also took a picture of Mommy petting Charlie, but Mommy wouldn't let me post it because it looks like her boob is hanging out and her eyes are closed! The Harry Winston diamond people were there too! I think "tall guy" should of bought me a diamond necklace, after I'm worth and I would look really cute with a diamond necklace. Mommy said there were guards around the diamonds.... Sammy and I could of taken care of them! I could of created a diversion and Sammy could of jumped on the table a snatched me a diamond necklace! Those stupid guards wouldn't of know what hit them! HA HA HA!
Well Sammy went to the Dr's today... I went with him for moral support! And treats! Sammy didn't have to get a shot in the eye today... he was glad about that! Dr Munger said he's doing really good and he doesn't have to take the glaucoma medicine anymore, but Mommy has to have it on hand... just in case! He also said Sammy could have a bath now!!!! Thank God cause he's starting to stink! Mommy made him an appointment for Friday!
Well I need to take a nap!
Lick Lick Lick Lick, Love Isa